So Real it’s Scary – LG

A  prank, but a very cool execution. LG has hijacked an office elevator, removed the floor, replaced it with a whole bunch of their new IPS monitors which are triggered by sensors to display a virtual floor falling out of the elevator, exposing the shaft and an almost certain fall to death!

What’s great about this example is the simple fact, That the whole experience is centered around the product and it displays the amazing feature (lifelike) of new IPS monitors .

Truly living up to the “Lifelike” factor, as seem by people’s reaction.


James Bond #cokezero007

James bond aka 007 is an iconic figure, every guy at some point of time must have aspired to be wearing that sleek suit, have fancy gadgets and take the role of world savior with the style as – Bond..James Bond.

This fictitious character has been charming cinemas viewers for a long time and the aspect of this fantasy is something few brands have captured in an engaging way.

Here’s an example related to James bond ‘007’ and his latest upcoming movie Skyfall.

Coke Zero – Coca cola is one great content factory, no matter it is an online experience or an offline experience they always manage to come up with something that’s not only highly engaging but also represents the brand.

The example shown below is where consumers using a special vending machine by Coke zero are suddenly presented with the opportunity to act like 007 in just 70 seconds.

What makes this example great:

1)      Coke Zero is targeted towards male audience and the 007 linkage fits perfectly with brand strategy and target audience

2)      The execution starts after the consumer buys the coke zero and is presented with chance to win ticket to new movie by accepting the challenge of finishing the task – it is focused on consumers who are coke evangelists and would be engaging even more with brand while participating in the task.

3)      The video/experience of consumer is authentic and viral; it is proven by more than 7 million views to the video in 2 weeks showcasing the reach achieved .