Digital Marketer – What is your type?

Booz & Company has published this article identifying 4 types of Digital Marketer – Read the entire article here

Your company’s customer-centricity profile reveals the capabilities you need to succeed in digital media, as well as whether you are a leader, scholar, pioneer, or novice in this critical marketing field.

“Customer- Centricity” –   is becoming the focus for companies in era of digital media and social networks.  Customer has always been important for companies but now with evolution of technologies (mobile, tablets, web) and expansion of digital platforms, brands are required to more strategic and planned to connect with its target audience.   Companies are playing different roles based on different stages on maturity:

The four profiles defined are

  •  Leaders –  are a small but growing group of companies, including Nike, Burberry, 3M, Apple, L.L. Bean, and Coca-Cola, that have mastered the two main capabilities involved in maintaining an online presence: insights and analysis on the one hand, and platforms and activation on the other.
  • Scholars are skilled at consumer insights and analytics; some of them, for example, have developed sophisticated forms of market segmentation based on deep insights about the way people make purchases. But they have not yet converted these insights and analyses into profitable action.
  • Pioneers have established a robust presence in digital media, with viable forms of electronic commerce, their own media platforms, or other kinds of Web-, mobile-phone, or app-based services. But these activation platforms are not sufficiently customer centric; they are not grounded in insights about their customer base, and therefore they do not engage consumers as well as they might.
  • Novices are still coming up to speed in the practices of digital marketing, and (in many cases) discovering which facets benefit them and which may not.

You can take this web-based self-guided survey –   Digital Customer Centricity Profiler – designed to let you know your company’s standing as a leader, scholar, pioneer, or novice.


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