Once upon a time… Instagram

We all now know the amazing story of Facebook buying “Instagram” for $1 Billion.

A Dream come true for any Startup.   (Soon we could have a movie around it)

Lot of interesting articles supporting different theories of “why Facebook bought it” or “what is means for users” now have been published.   Therefore I thought to put together links to various articles I found interesting :

1) Gigaom : According to Gigaon one of the top reasons of the purchase has been:

Facebook was scared shitless and knew that for first time in its life it arguably had a competitor that could not only eat its lunch, but also destroy its future prospects. Why? Because Facebook is essentially about photos, and Instagram had found and attacked Facebook’s achilles heel — mobile photo sharing.

I tend agree, as even statistics indicate the same,

  • Instagram’s usership listed at over 30 million accounts
  • The day Instagram Android app went live, it reported close to 1 Million uploads making it a serious threat for Facebook, because Photo-sharing has been fundamental to adoption of the Facebook ( 250 million photos uploaded daily)
  • Instagram always started as an App – {Photogrpahic App} but it’s ease to upload and organize photos evolved it in to a Social channel.
  • Out the 900 million users on Facebook, more than half (500 Million users) are accessing Facebook through Mobile and Simple to use Instagram is already on 30 million mobile phones.

2)  Another interesting article with 10 reasons posted by Forbes on the theory why Facebook bought Instagram

Instagram rocketed to 30 million iOS users in 18 months and was named iPhone app of the year in 2011. It is one of the best apps for taking and sharing photos from the iPhone. Its square images and assorted image filters let anyone make retro, techno and pretty pictures out of mundane shots of their kids, pets, food. Instagram’s Android version released in first week of April 2012, got millions of downloads immediately.

Read about all 10 reasons here

3)  Some witty tweets/reactions by others on the news, Wonder – What could have been reason to spark the reaction more – Link Here

  • The Surprise purchase?
  • The Reason behind?
  • The Price?  $1 Billion (Almost equal to some of large brands that has been in existence for more than  100 years – Oreo)

Ultimately a great idea & great execution gets valued.