Twitter Short-cuts for the Pro!!

If you’re a regular, you’re probably used to navigating the site using your mouse or trackpad. You know, much in the same way you use every other website.

But did you know that has a range of keyboard shortcuts that, once memorised and mastered, can have you zipping around the micro-blogging social network like a pro?

For example, load up and hit ‘N’ to start a new tweet, ‘M’ to initiate a direct message or, if you’re feeling really majestic, hit ‘G’ then ‘U’ to jump straight to the user profile of your choice.

These, and every other shortcut you’ll need, can be found in the infographic below.



Top Free & Cheap tools to Monitor Social Media Brand Mentions

More than ever, consumers are using social media to spread the word about brands they like and perhaps more importantly, those they don’t. With the introduction of each new media channel, the digital landscape shifts and brand owners need to adjust quickly to stay ahead.

But how do you measure brand mentions on Social Media? How can you really see what people are saying about your company on their Social Platforms?


The market for Social Media monitoring tools has grown in recent times at the same phenomenal rate as the social networks themselves. Enterprise-level tools can be eye-wateringly expensive and out of reach for many businesses, but a quick look at the number of free tools shows that you can successfully keep track of brand mentions and relevant keywords without shelling out a lot of money. I’ve compiled a list of ten of the top free tools out there at the moment:

1.Google Reader

As simple as it sounds, Google Reader is a fantastic way to begin your monitoring. You can subscribe to Twitter searches for your brand name, Google searches, RSS feeds, news sites and much more. You can also set up Google Alerts for your brand name to be sent directly to your email any time your brand is mentioned, or just in daily doses.


Topsy collects results from across the web, Twitter, photo, and video streams. Real-time search for the social web, Topsy aggregates all the content related to your keyword from several social media platforms into a single stream. You can also view analytics surrounding your brand name.


Kurrently is a real time search engine for Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to monitor real-time conversations around your selected keyword.


Boardreader is a search engine for forums and boards. It searches discussion boards, press releases, articles, sites and more for mentions of your brand.


Addictomatic instantly creates a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic. It searches sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images


A straight forward and simple tool that enables you to keep up with tweets about your brand.  The app will send you an email any time a tweet mentions your brand name or keyword you have chosen.

7.Social Mention

Use this tool to measure and monitor your brand mentions in real-times on different platforms. You can also set up an RSS feed to integrate with  Google Reader, or set up email alerts.

8.Social Pointer

A nice little tool to let you monitor your brand mentions of blogs, media and social platforms  in one place. Sign up free for a Beta account.

9.Shared Count

Want to know how much your URL has been shared? Type it into Shared Count and it will let you know how many times it was shared on social media platforms and provide you with statistics on Facebook likes, tweets, comments and more.


Track your competitors, measure your performance and receive alerts for brand mentions. You can even view leader boards for both Facebook and Twitter to see who’s leading for different metrics.

There are many other great free tools out there that can be used to help monitor brand mentions and keywords in Social Media – what else do you use?

Social Media trends that will define 2013

Social media is taking center stage within any marketing campaign, brands are no longer in ‘wait and watch mode’. Every business is trying to find the right node to succeed with its audience.

  • 2010 was the year of Exploration– Where brands/business were still figuring out “How to Start or Proceed”, deciding whether to be on Facebook or Twitter.
  • 2011 was the year of Expansion – Where brands focused on expanding the size on its community, chasing those Facebook likes (fans) or Twitter followers. The one with higher number represented higher success.
  • 2012 has been the year of Engagement – Where brands have realized that ‘Size doesn’t matter’ and it is engagement that drives success on social media. Relevant two way conversation between brands and consumers is what communities thrive upon.

As we come to the end of 2012, I believe 2013 will be the year of Evolution. It will be an evolution of

  • The way we approach marketing as the business function .
  • Our take towards an interactive (Social + Mobile + Digital) approach and not activate on different channels in siloes.
  • How the consumer behaviors of content consumption are leveraged as part of campaigns (Media, TV, etc.)

In the year 2013, to succeed brands will be have to embrace the changing trends and act quick to evolve with the emerging technologies.

The folks at TwinEngine just published this infographic predicting 13 trends related to Social media in the year 2013.

Social Media Trends-2013

So Real it’s Scary – LG

A  prank, but a very cool execution. LG has hijacked an office elevator, removed the floor, replaced it with a whole bunch of their new IPS monitors which are triggered by sensors to display a virtual floor falling out of the elevator, exposing the shaft and an almost certain fall to death!

What’s great about this example is the simple fact, That the whole experience is centered around the product and it displays the amazing feature (lifelike) of new IPS monitors .

Truly living up to the “Lifelike” factor, as seem by people’s reaction.

Facebook is like …anything under the sun

First when I saw Facebook’s new marketing campaign – “Facebook is like Chairs” the initial impression was, okay I get it- they are a social platform and it is about connected groups and being together. Kinda makes sense.

After the first campaign Facebook did receive public criticism for its content, characters and choice of settings and may be that was the reason, comments on the YouTube video are turned off and we know that’s typically done by  brands/agency (In this case Wieden + Kennedy) when you expect negative reaction pouring in from viewers.

Nevertheless Facebook recently launched the next series of creative based on same things. Now for me the campaign has turned weird.

Check out the latest creative:

Facebook is like ... Pool

The text accompanying the post says, “Swimming pools are filled with people. Some you know. Some you don’t. And every once in a while you see something that maybe you shouldn’t. That’s why swimming pools are a little like Facebook.”

In fact on its own Facebook Page, they have posted more pictures – Trying too hard to connect anything that involves more than two people equivalent of Facebook.


This is when you lose the key message and let a simple message (Going back to Chairs) sink in and let the audience embrace and relate to it and NOT try too hard.  It is key for any brand to know how hard to push a correlation.

That’s why I now feel Facebook is like …Anything under the Sun. 

James Bond #cokezero007

James bond aka 007 is an iconic figure, every guy at some point of time must have aspired to be wearing that sleek suit, have fancy gadgets and take the role of world savior with the style as – Bond..James Bond.

This fictitious character has been charming cinemas viewers for a long time and the aspect of this fantasy is something few brands have captured in an engaging way.

Here’s an example related to James bond ‘007’ and his latest upcoming movie Skyfall.

Coke Zero – Coca cola is one great content factory, no matter it is an online experience or an offline experience they always manage to come up with something that’s not only highly engaging but also represents the brand.

The example shown below is where consumers using a special vending machine by Coke zero are suddenly presented with the opportunity to act like 007 in just 70 seconds.

What makes this example great:

1)      Coke Zero is targeted towards male audience and the 007 linkage fits perfectly with brand strategy and target audience

2)      The execution starts after the consumer buys the coke zero and is presented with chance to win ticket to new movie by accepting the challenge of finishing the task – it is focused on consumers who are coke evangelists and would be engaging even more with brand while participating in the task.

3)      The video/experience of consumer is authentic and viral; it is proven by more than 7 million views to the video in 2 weeks showcasing the reach achieved .