Marketing Technology World 2013

Marketing is at the epicenter of an explosion of innovative new software and technologies. There are literally hundreds of vendors, from hot new startups to enterprise technology giants, all competing to provide CMOs & CIOs with powerful new capabilities.

Check out this image below (Zoom version) to get a quick overview of rapidly evolving landscape.

An overview of Marketing technologies landscape
An overview of Marketing technologies landscape

As a marketer, you must navigate a large sea of new products and services and determine if—and how—you can be harnessed in their organizations. You must make good purchasing decisions. You must have a direct hand in the integration of different components into a cohesive marketing operations infrastructure.

And ultimately, you must be able to effectively apply these new technologies in ways that create better brands, deliver better customer experiences, and grow more profitable businesses. Because no matter how cool the technology is, it’s meaningless if it’s not applied in the service of great marketing.

How many of these names/tools/vendors are you familiar with? (Feel free to share in comments)

SRC: The info-graphic was released by LUMA Partners.