Hello world!

“Hello World” are probably the first two words anybody close to any technology learns about.  I clearly remember whenever I have experimented with any programing language be it “LOGO”  or more polished C++  these were the two words I coded to be flashed on my screen. I believe it has been a good common notation to start anything “Hello World.

Maybe something to do with good luck.

Therefore as I make this attempt to capture my journey around these exciting times when our social behaviors are greatly influenced by technological & conceptual innovations. I thought to mark my first post with the title “Hello World”.  The writings to follow will be my thoughts/ opinions on anything cool, meaningful or controversial as the world of Technology + Business (Marketing) + Anthropology converse.

As I professionally am part of the exciting world of Digital Marketing I will keep my focus on the same topics as I continue to Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn in amazing journey of innovations & implementations.


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